Wednesday, February 20, 2008

all in the plan

all in the plan
when will it end
can we believe
the new conceived
of change
promises of this
promises of that

went to harvard
so what does that prove?
much like the others
but skin will do groove

secrect societies
I do say
where did he go
did he stay in their

Or have they paid him to
hope to the masses

he talks a good f--k
he talks and he talks
but the secret still holds
can he walk his talk folds?

if he can do it
so put on them glasses

and think about change
and think about it
think about him
before you pull shit

its a plan to decieve
it's a plan to take part
it's a mish mash of crap
and they want us to start

to believe
and let us think change
yes I'm a cynic
cause I been there
done and seen it
and its all not fair

we need plain ol people
yes color is good
but pro politicians
can do shit like wood

vile puke and misery
deceiptful brothers can bring
on us the changed ones
who want more that singing

the blues

Monday, February 18, 2008

more about vermin and reptilians......

from lorna...thank you...

There was a time when I feared the same thing, but no longer. What's really happening isn't being shown on the TV nightly news, nor are many regular people aware. There is some of it on You Tube, but it doesn't give a complete picture either. The established power is going out. They are going kicking and screaming, but they will be gone. Our only concern is whether they go quietly in the night like the vermin they are, or whether they will launch an army against us. Some may think they will send in an army, but if you know Americans, most American troops have had enough and are just waiting for the word from We the People. The army is already loosing thousands of men every year the vermin continue the war. Obviously this isn't something they want commonly known. If they are able to find an army big enough to make an attempt, it will be overwhelmed very easily by people who have been prepared for a long time.

The other side of this is that a major number of people are becoming spiritually aware and are praying for peace. These people may not be aware of the protection they have from prepared Americans, but they do know in their hearts that now is the time to passively resist. This is the time to keep on passively resisting by any means you can. Email has been a great way for us to not only passively resist, but also stay in touch with those others who are also passively resisting.

One other thing that keeps me optimistic is how Americans react to hard times. Yes, a small amount of vandalism and rioting happen, but most of the time We the People handle major disasters by helping each other. I use the black out on the east coast as an example. Yes, there were a few small pockets of disturbance, but nothing like what we've been programed to expect by Hollywood (which is controlled by the vermin). We are in general, much kinder to each other than the vermin or Hollywood would like us to believe.

If you'd like I can add you to my email list of people I keep informed.

Angel Blessings,

On Feb 7, 2008, at 7:30 PM, wrote:

Thanks for your response! I am glad to hear from you and hear your views.....Yes, I will watch Gore...he is dead in the water now anyway.

My fear is that if O is elected he will be dead as JFK was. there is still so much hate and predudice in our country and the world., I don't know if the world could stand it.

Not yet anyway. Let's pray that we can.


Healing Dreams

healing dreams
come to me
while out in a trance
and say quite a glance

big black tunnel
green light square at end
mother holding her child
white light will
not mend

square becomes bigger
want more want to see
queazy stomach
fear envelops me

not time for you yet
but more will come dear
square becomes smaller
you have nothing to fear

big pink blanket
gets hot
gets hotter
healing is near

big noise jolts bed and me
i looked and he's gone
thru window
curtains moving
he's gone with the wind

healing is present
healing is big
it will come it will come
good things dont let it
be numb

love him


More autism is needed!!!

Autism Group Demands Apology From CBS
Posted: 2008-02-18 11:42:35
NEW YORK (AP) - A national autism advocacy group is demanding an apology from CBS over a disparaging remark a contestant on the reality show "Big Brother" made about people with the disorder.

John Gilmore, executive director of Autism United, said Monday that his group has been trying to speak with CBS executives since last week's broadcast.

On that episode, a contestant named Adam, who claims to work for an autism foundation, said he would spend his winnings on a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities "so retards can get it together and get their hair done."

His partner, Sheila, told him: "Don't call them that."

Adam responded: "Disabled kids. I can call them whatever I want. I work with them all day, OK?"

The show's Web site describes him as a 29-year-old public relations manager from Delray Beach, Fla.

There was no immediate response Monday to a call seeking comment from CBS.

"Big Brother" also has been condemned for contestants' remarks on incest, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Some contestants have been removed following incidents that were deemed violent or racist.

The premise of the show is that contestants - or "houseguests" - are isolated from the outside world while under constant surveillance. Once a week, they vote to evict a member of the group.

When just two people remain, a jury of voted-off contestants picks the "Big Brother" winner of the $500,000 grand prize.

Autism is a complex disorder featuring poor social interaction and communication skills.

On the Net:

Autism United:

Big Brother:

also in Michigan: CAUSE (Citizen's Alliance to Uphold Special Educaton)

Monday, February 11, 2008

he suffers in silence---when will someone listen?

this is true story of what children with asperger's syndrome experience and how they feel.....sad but true, and our schools don't give a damn. We need to fight for our children before it's too late.....we need to be their voice...the schools and the general public needs to be educated about these children who are extremely gifted, talented, emotional, sensitive...they are our future...whether we like it or not. Why not call them Indigo???? Instead of autistic???? Just do a search on Indigo kids. Lets educate our educators about these kids, how about PD???? on the subject? It is NEEDED DESPARATELY!!!!! Before too many kids suffer and the damage is irreparable!!!

My son was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome at age 3. He is now almost 10 in 4th grade and an all A/B student with above average intelligence. He is the most loving, kind, forgiving soul I have ever met. I am proud to say he is my son and I love him with all my heart. Yet he continues to suffer, the school perpetuates it, they do not understand him or his asperger's. they do not attempt to understand it. all we get is lip service. it will take a miracle, prayer and tough action to correct their indifference. Let's wait and see.....hmmmmmm.....all and any comments will be appreciated!

Shawn's Story:

Today in gym we were doing jump rope. The turners (C my desk mate and R the new kid) started going too fast. Then I started to get angry because I couldn’t jump the rope. I asked them to slow down and for some reason they were just used to turning fast and couldn’t help it.

So, I started to get angry and I was showing it by my facial expressions and Ms. E came over and said “Shawn go to time out and calm down”. She said this in front of everyone. It made me upset, so I started to cry in front of everyone. That is when she sent me to “time out”, which was against the wall.

I felt like I was being punished and I also felt humiliated in front of my classmates.

Anyways, she started calling groups based on incident, like for example “turners going too fast and kids not being able to jump the rope”.

When she called that group, all the people that like to bully me (H, M, J, S and B) turned and looked at me and M also stuck out his tongue at me. The others made faces at me like they were making fun of me. It made me feel very upset.

Then I said in a very loud voice (almost yelling): “STOP IT! I have been publically humiliated for the LAST TIME!!!”

Then Ms. E started calling boys to line up and then the girls.

J tried to cheer me up. Ms. E said to J “no thank you” like she didn’t want J doing that (cheering me up).

Then I saw Ms. E talking to Mrs. C the student teacher.

When I got back to class, Mrs. C talked to me for a minute. She talked to me about what happened in gym. She told me the list of names who looked at me and made faces. From what I can remember, the names on the list were M, H, S, J and B. She told me she was going to talk to the class about it.

When we went into class she talked about it. She did not name me, but they could tell she was talking about the incident in gym. She said “how would feel if you were in time out and everybody looked at you?” And she called everyone who looked at me and a few extra hands went up. And then she said certain parents will be called. And then we took the short science test. And that was the end of it.

This happened at 2:45 (gym) until 3:15. I didn’t talk to Mrs. G about this; there was no time. I talked to my mom about this as soon as I got home off the bus. It was the first thing we talked about.

Also at lunch today, (before the gym incident), I overheard H saying to her friend that one of her favorite pastimes was to find new ways to bully and torture me. It made me feel so upset I wanted to tell the teacher. But I didn’t.

and there's more...

This happened on the way home on the bus today:

Miss A has a Webkinz account online. I asked my friend S from third grade when we were on the bus coming home, “what’s that the little basket with stuff in it?” And she said it’s for Miss A and Webkinz panda bear; it’s like a little bed. Anyway, when I heard Miss A has a Webkinz account I said “you got to be joking”. I wasn’t saying it to be mean, I was just surprised. S said well then I should ask Miss A. Miss A is always truthful. Miss A comes up and I asked her if she really has a Webkinz account and she said “yes”. My jaw almost dropped to the floor. Then I said I wonder what your screen name is if we wanted to become friends on Webkinz World. She said “ my user name is Marksgirlfriend” and said “would you like me to write it down?” She wrote it down for both S and me on a pink piece of paper. And gave it to me. And she said “Ask your parents if it ok to become friends” “I don’t want to get into trouble”.


Can you imagine a nine year old having to endure this almost on a daily basis? I can't. And why is a bus aide giving a 9 year old special education student her Internet screen name to chat with him on a children's website called WEBKINZ? That sends a BIG RED FLAG up to me. Why is in the hell is grown woman chatting on a children's website with a screen name like "marksgirlfriend" in the first place???? Makes me wonder....

See CAUSE online.
They advocate for Special Education students like my son.

there will be more....stay tuned. Please check back often, as I will be posting here about the situation on a regular basis after this. I am livid right now. Luckily, my son has many people in his life that DO CARE ABOUT HIM.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

From Lorna....thank Reptilians in the Making?

Thank you,

Yes, I've been politically active for a long time and I do know. My mom and dad started to learn about all of this just before Bill Clinton was elected. They are all crooks, except one. The only thing keeping him in it is the grass roots effort that has sprouted around his campaign. If he doesn't win, I know quite a few people who will be using that tool the politicians can take out of their cold dead hands, for as long as the hands still live. The next few years could be interesting. I keep praying that we work our way through this touchy time as peacefully as possible while working towards personal freedom. Prayer does work. I'd like to start a prayer chain that deals with political issues.

I would like to respectfully disagree with only one issue. Al Gore is just as bad, if not worse than the rest. Please consider this:

If after you have seen the lecture and take the time to look at the scientific data, you still agree with Al Gore, blessings. I do hope you give it an honest evaluation. We have problems, but I think Mother Earth is warming in an effort to cleans herself of our evils. She's cleansed herself before, she'll do it again.

I send this with love.

Angel Blessings,

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Our government's sick. Our country needs a doctor ... not a lawyer.
Ron Paul for President 2008!
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"When men are pure, laws are useless;
when men are corrupt, laws are broken."
Benjamin Franklin

The Email revolution...
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Honour our Children

Yellow Quill bids farewell to tots who froze to death

The Canadian Press

February 2, 2008 at 6:48 PM EST

YELLOW QUILL RESERVE, Sask. — The heartbroken grandmother of two children who met their tragic ends in an icy field on a Saskatchewan reserve has issued an emotional plea to the Canadian public, asking that their deaths not be in vain.

Three-year-old Kaydance Pauchay and her one-year-old sister Santana were laid to rest Saturday after a private service on the Yellow Quill reserve about three hours east of Saskatoon.

Afterward, the girls' maternal grandmother, Irene Nippi, made her way to the edge of the reserve, where the media were being kept back, and asked reporters to tell the story of Yellow Quill and the struggles its people face.

“I was worried about my grandchildren. I did not want them to leave this world in vain,” Ms. Nippi said, her slight frame trembling against the cold. “I hope there's change now that happens — a lot of changes like no alcohol and counselling and stuff to be brought in here. Our old teachings should be brought back.”

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Band had tried to ban alcohol from reserve
Infant sisters freeze to death during father's midnight stupor

The Yellow Quill reserve, situated in a part of the province where flat grain fields give way to rolling hills and forests, is battling alcohol abuse, high unemployment and a lack of suitable housing.

The First Nation also has political and financial difficulties. It has been under third-party management since 1999, and the chief is currently locked in a bitter battle with councillors that both sides agree is crippling the reserve's development.

Ms. Nippi said she hopes Saturday's service helps her own family move forward. The children's father, Christopher Pauchay, was brought to the reserve by ambulance so he and their mother, Tracey Jimmy, could say goodbye to their children together. Ms. Jimmy is expecting another baby in April.

“I'm glad it is finally over. Now the healing can begin with my daughter and my son-in-law,” Ms. Nippi said. “When we went to lay my grandchildren to rest, I was very proud of her and my son-in-law Chris, because they were so strong.”

Details about the deaths remain incomplete, but family members have said they believe Mr. Pauchay might have been seeking medical help for the one of the girls and intended to walk a short distance to another home when he took them out wearing light clothing around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday. They say he had been drinking that night.

At some point, Mr. Pauchay got separated from the children. He made it to a neighbour's house and was taken to hospital suffering from severe frostbite and hypothermia. Eight hours later, when he was finally able to communicate, he asked about his children, triggering a grim search.

Saturday's memorial service was private, and RCMP officers were stationed at the reserve entrance to enforce a media ban imposed by Chief Robert Whitehead at the request of family and the band's elders.

One of the guests, Saskatchewan's minister of First Nations and M├ętis relations, said she sensed a mood for change on the reserve.

“They're very, very extremely sad people. It's just an unbelievable sad feeling of tragedy and mourning there and also a resolve to see what they can do different in their lives,” said June Draude.

Speaking to reporters as he left the memorial reception in his car, Mr. Pauchay's brother Gary said both parents have been devastated by the tragedy.

“The parents are really sad,” he said, adding his brother hasn't told him much about what happened that night. “He just stares at me.”

He couldn't speculate on Christopher's recovery, other than to say, “He'll walk.”

When reporters asked how he himself was coping, Mr. Pauchay said simply, “having a beer.” There was an open beer bottle beside him in the car console.

Ms. Nippi had words for the band leadership, saying she and her family have felt like they weren't supported during this tragedy.

But she was comforted by all the people who came to the funeral from far and wide to offer their condolences.

“That made me feel so good,” she said, fighting back tears. “I just knew we weren't alone

Reptilians in the Making?

After watching and listening to "Super Tuesday", I mean, I want to get excited about O....but I fear for his life. They all look alike--check it out, closely. Look and see. Check the mouths and facial features. Attorneys and politicians all look the same way. All the rich republicans look this way. Rich people. They all have the same gene. See what happened to JFK...he gave the people "hope"...and it cost him his life. I want to see an aboriginal/indigenous person in the White House, but when we comes right down to it, who is in control? Would O be? Is O their puppet? yes, I say. I say yes. Without a doubt. I can clearly see the cards on the table now, but how many of you can? No...he would have to be careful or else it would cost him his life. The people are so gullable/ignorant/uneducated/misinformed and uninformed, they have no idea what is going on in this world, they get so excited about the p. race when it is all a big bunch of b.s., lies, full of control, on and on, etc... Or would he be a puppet as GWB Jr. is? I only hope that he does not agree to run with H, as he would be "dead" in the water, as Gore was. Gore is awesome. He cares about our mother, and he got fed up with politics...and vowed never to run again.after he got screwed by GWB Jr and his cronies...He won an Academy took that to bring his truth to the forefront...and to the people of this planet...out mother is slowly one cares...except for "us"...reptilians are here to stay and we must quash their agenda and show them the "way" gently. I feel for all those who suffer under their wrath, and am grateful that I can "see" the real wisdom. Perhaps this is all in the script, pre-planned and pre-ordained.Let's see how it all plays out. I pray for all. I am not sorry, I feel VERY STRONGLY ABOU THIS. And always remember our children and our elders (first)...A_Ho......