Thursday, May 31, 2007

they have found peace

shipibo artisan group
amazon rainforest ~ peru

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


From the viewpoint of absolute truth, what we feel and experience in our ordinary daily life is all delusion. Of all the various delusions, the sense of discrimination between oneself and others is the worst form, as it creates nothing but unpleasantness for both sides. If we can realize and meditate on ultimate truth, it will cleanse our impurities of mind and thus eradicate the sense of discrimination. This will help to create true love for one another. The search for ultimate truth is, therefore, vitally important.

~~His Holiness the Dailai Llama


fading away
but still in there
how it hurts
to see you there

same ol same ol
i can see
repeat the pattern
reptilians will never b free

goldiggers live
i picked up slack
took it all
slapped in the back

dared u did
dared u dont
you never have
shown remorse

gave my heart
gave my all
setting me up
for the fall

karma lives
in those who breathe
acid waste
my spirit sees

what have i done
to me to him
little one has
a brave begin

begin to forgive
begin to forget
back to humble beginnings
will never regret

betrayed my mistake
the fault is mine
thats why i think
all is divine

now move on
life will tell
what matters is
all is well

spirit flows
again gives love
move on move on
on the wings of dove

~patti spiritdancer

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.

--Mohandas K. Gandhi

just 4 today

just 4 today
i will forgive myself and all others
just 4 today
i will trust
just 4 today
i will give thanks for my many blessings
just 4 today
i will do my work honestly
just 4 today
i will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing

~~the reiki principles

Monday, May 28, 2007

Peace Now ~ Memorial Day 2007

when will it all stop

reptilian boy's clubs
gotsta end

we'll all see the light
the lightened ones
for peace will come
once again

~~patti spiritdancer

note: click on "impeach 07 icon" above see utube of song; gave chills :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


a setting sun
a new beginning
pain no gain
glad to see it go

still hanging on
must let it go

tears flowing
love growing
sun rises
guilt diminishes


could it have been better
always remember
never forget

~~patti spiritdancer

The Girls Standing In Line.....

From Mary K....

Jorden a inter city child could not wiat when he got to the camp gorund for the weekend
and ask to be droped of here for a few hours to play with Ponies
the girls were standing in line for some lovien

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Whew~~~That was a close one!!"

I saw the Vet come out the other day for the boys, I was sure glad she wasn't coming out for me!!!

Baby J is gonna be ok, and Daddy J missed his turn because he is an old man, like I'm an old lady.

My mom took some pictures of Daddy J the day after, and he's sure grateful and humble. He got all gussied up for the occasion!!! Bath and all!!! He's not bad looking either for an old man---don't ya think? I think he's cute and sweet, just like me!!! Even at 15!!!

I'm glad Daddy J gets to stay with all of us too~~~ it's a miracle!!!

In a few weeks Baby J is gonna made his journey to his new home to be with a special little girl, she is so sweet! I hope she comes to visit us too sometime.

I also can't wait for all the camper's kids to get over here this summer and play with me and bring me carrots!!!

What a life!

a.k.a "Babycakes"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guess Who???

I always have to be the center of attention!!! I love having my picture taken cause I'm so cute -- even at 14!! I went for a cart ride yesterday down the road and it was really fun, I haven't done that in a while. I also love my new pasture mates, especially Tiny Tim cause he's my size!! I am also going to be getting ready to do a Parade in Port Huron this July. I am really excited about that cause I'll be able to show off!!!

We are all really happy in our new home, Mary and Mike are so nice to us! We feel so lucky!

We also feel lucky that Mom and Shawn are still close by and part of our horsie lives!

Have a great day!

aka "Babycakes"

Friday, May 18, 2007

A New Beginning

Mom was sad the day we had to leave, in fact she cried like a baby. However, we went bravely as we knew the angels were with us. We knew the reason we were leaving, to start our new lives as therapy ponies for special needs kids. In fact, it's turned out so great, we are so happy in our new home at Mary K's in North Branch. Mary K has promised to keep us always and give us a forever home because she loves us so much and wants to help the special needs kids!!! Mom is still heartbroken about the whole thing, feeling like she has let us down because she's had us since we all have been babies. We are family. It was probably one of the hardest days in her life and a day that she will never forget. Even though it was a sad day, it was a day filled with joy when she saw the look on the little girl's face when she realized 2 of the ponies (Daddy J and Baby J) were going to be hers! It was like magic (it was). But her and Shawn still come out almost every day to see us, and shower love upon us. They are still part of our lives, and in our hearts. She has let us all know we are not forgotten....we love you Mom and Shawn....and always will!


Side note: Due to unforseen circumstances, Mary K did not keep her promise to give them a forever home, however, they are safe and sound with new owner Annick M of West Branch. She will be using them strictly as therapy ponies for special needs children. We no longer see the horses, as thought it best to let go. however, all of them will always be in our hearts and mind always. We miss you guys!!! Apache, our big Standardbred horse, found a new home with Jay and Melanie of Columbiaville. He is happy, fat, and turned out with FIVE MARES. He is also Jay's riding horse. Jay just loves him, they have a real "rapport" together! Pachie is loving every minute of it!!! ALL HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!