Friday, September 14, 2007

now in the arms of the angels

now in the arms of the angels
give my trust to you
no one ever more
there are really so very few
of them

that can give love
as white as a dove
hidden agendas
and big fat spendas
and spinnin
the money keeps rockin
into their pockets
just like a rocket
roll it
roll it
roll it some more
tell me some lore

give it some time

goin up in the air
cant wait til i get there
with him
and in the arms of the angels
the only place
so safe
so true
for me


Thursday, September 13, 2007

and no one cared

and no one cared
is she even there?
walk your walk
talk your peace
in your dreams

anger seething
red with blood
keep taking and taking
pushing and pushing
more and more
more each day

to the brink
of her
her hands are tied
behind her back
preventing her
to keep on track
going, going gone
and no one cared
and no one cared
and no one cared

can she do it
will she do it
should she do it
and no one cared
and no one cared

if she did it
would they care
would they care

heartless bastards
taunt and tease
now what else
is up their sleeves
dare ya
dare ya
cannot breathe

find her drowning
in her pool

blood in her hair
all clean
her eyes pristine

her heart now clear
her mind no fear
her body now healed
her soul now sealed
with a kiss
but spirit still
who can fix
to all who know
lets do some trix
her well
too well

over there
over there
over there
and no one cared


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Shift Movie -Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for the 2008 Movie
The message is: One Day We Will Wake Up and Discover That We Are Family

It's a 6 minute commitment and here it is:

Mitauyke Oyasin ~ we ARE all related. Share this with those you love....



we all fear
our future needs
we all fear
our words our deeds

what has become
of internal strife
it cuts it hurts
just like a knife

we know we do
each day our will
i can say this sure
cause i know it kills

our spirit
our soul
our connection
with all

that matters


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Healing is an amazing journey
Cure is a desired destination
Remissions are the craved vacations
Symptoms are the warning signs
Pain is an incredible teacher
Suffering is an option indeed
Hope is a needed companion
Faith is a great friend in need
Apathy is a doorway to depression
Anxiety is a forerunner to stress
Emptiness is a whisper for wholeness
Resistance is a call for acceptance
Frustration is a mask for anger
Denial is avoidance of honesty
Silence is indigestion of feelings
Numbness is intolerence for thoughts
Disease is a pure self-punishment
Self-pity is a hidden lack of self-love
Distress is a result of high expectations
Confusion is a sign of endless judgments
Courage is a risk worth taking
Intuition is a gift worth following
Forgiveness is the means to inner bliss
Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom
Openness is changing a victim mindset
Flexibility is trying over and over again
Strength is overcoming the fears and doubts
Growth is learning from the pains with joy
Health is a relative term and goal
Healing is a never-ending process
Wellness is the reward of the journey
Wellbeing is the experience of peace
Patience is a reliable test
Will is a powerful measure
Trust is never the question
Love is the ultimate answer

Monday, September 10, 2007

shawn in the new hood ~ with a tude ~ August 2007

check the ray of light on the upper right! shawnie, you ARE an ANGEL!!! I luv u honey! mom

thank u for the wonderful pics j and m

bubbiez friendz in the new hood

he's a happy boy and been givin lovin to all he meets!

note: bubba has come once again to live with shawn and i; luckily the new place we are living in allows one dog. he has healed well from his wounds and is happy once again to be a part of our family. we luv you so much bubbiez!!!