Monday, December 31, 2007

Mi'kmaq elder's grandson charged in her death

Mi'kmaq elder's grandson charged in her death
Last Updated: Monday, December 31, 2007 | 2:16 PM AT
CBC News
Police in Truro, N.S., confirmed Monday they have charged the grandson of native rights activist Nora Bernard with first-degree murder in connection with her death last week.

James Douglas Gloade, 24, of Millbrook, N.S., was arraigned in court Monday.

Nora Bernard fought for compensation for residential school survivors.
At a news conference, police said a motive for the crime has yet to be determined, but investigators have confirmed that no money was taken from the home.

Police said Bernard's grandson visited the home often.

Bernard, 72, was found lying on the floor of her home on the Millbrook First Nation early Thursday.

Police described trauma to her face and stab wounds to the upper part of her body around the neck area.

The murder weapon is believed to have been a knife but it hasn't been found, police said.

Bernard was a Mi'kmaq elder well-known for her 11-year battle to persuade governments to compensate aboriginal people who suffered abuse at Canada's network of residential schools.

From 1945 to 1950, she had attended the former Shubenacadie residential school in Nova Scotia, where she said she was forced to work cleaning and making clothes.

Her $14,000 compensation cheque arrived a few weeks ago. Most of it went to pay bills, her children told CBC News.

In the early 1990s, Bernard began organizing survivors of the school in Shubenacadie, N.S., and launched a legal action that was later merged with a similar suit in Ontario.

The class-action suit led to a compensation agreement with the federal government that could be worth up to $5 billion.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

magic spirit guide

magic spirit guide
rode in on the wind
not knowing you're there
made presence is known
through healing is sown
once again seeds of life
well nourished and grown

hooks are removed
black car in flames
burn well and burn good
can get your just room
go there and faint
pant and you moan
no one will hear
no one will care
if you're even there
false reward will be yours dear
which is nothing
it's yours ~ if you hear

magic spirit guide
how gentle you be
lifetimes of healing
protect and be me
miigwetich for showing
love and your kindness
your understanding
free me from pain
on a puff of wind
you came you went
was such time well spent

miigwetich for answers
i now understand
my dear friend you are
have eluded my soul
my spirit is cleared
of hooks and of black foul
pain is illusion
ain't getting no flack
and now that I'm back
i have nothing to fear
spirit guide come near
for wisdom is here


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baifeng Wan - Traditional Chinese Medicine-A Menopausal/PMS Wonder

Traditional Chinese medicine made from the black bone silky fowl....Baifeng Wan---invigorates the vital energy (CHI), nourishes the blood, regulates menes/periods/irregular periods and stops leukorrhea. Also XAIO YAO Wan--for digestive disorders, liver stagnation, PMS SYMPTOMS or pain during cycle. Started both 5 days ago and noticed a difference AFTER ONE DOSAGE (and I was experiencing EXTREME SYMPTOMS.) E-mail me here if you want more info. Can't get it here, only in CA.

Traditional medical doc (gyno) prescribed PROVERA (synthetic progesterone) and I REFUSED to put that garbage OR THEIR medicine into my body!
Miigwetich to my little silky fowl.....I AM GRATEFUL. miigwteich!

Monday, November 26, 2007

an inconvenient meeting? you write the caption!

spirit bear ~ bear medicine

The Legend of the SPIRIT BEAR
Native Americans have always held a reverence for bears. Bears hold a spiritual significance. Human-like in their ability to walk upright, bears are considered a link between people and animals. Bears are strongly linked to healing. They forage for plants which implies a knowledge of herbal medicine. Numerous common names for herbs and plants reflect this: bearberry, bear's paw, bear tongue, bear clover. Finally, because they hibernate, bears experience the ultimate magical transformation; they "die" and are "reborn" each year. The SPIRIT BEAR fetish holds special power because the fetish is thought to contain a living power (the bear) which can help its owner. The SPIRIT BEAR fetish has healing power –the power of the bear.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

mother earth is angered

mother earth is angered
her rage spreads like wildfire
her children are confused
she speaks and they don't listen
to the signs and the signals
they go on and on and on
until they quash the maker
until they kill them off
until they forthright faker
murder the ones who love
injustice rages
ignorance prevails
those in power flail
arms and legs and money
call me baby honey
evil underground assassins
making plans to control the masses
fire is burning
in the center of the earth
they hide they plot they plan

we are different
we are strong
we are always
never wrong

we are mother earth's children
she is full
she is angry
let's help her
let's love her
let's keep her
let's pray for her

until it's gone...


Thursday, November 22, 2007

support for rick and donna from curve lake

this is a must read. i was appalled to learn this....i know what it feels like to lose one's home; I lost my "home" earlier this year and also once before a few years is horrific, however, made me stronger.......they are lucky they have friends that support, prayers and best wishes are with all of you...

patti s.d.

Support Donna Shilling and Rick's return to Curve Lake First Nation
Type: Common Interest - Politics
Description: Donna Shilling is a First Nations woman. Her mother was from Rama First Nation, and her father, Grant Taylor from Curve Lake. He fought in the War... for Freedom..... and to Protect peoples rights.
Donna met Rick, a non-native man, they fell in love and lived for a long time at Curve Lake First Nation in a common-law relationship.
After six years, Rick built a business on the reserve- owned a store and gas station on the reserve and hired many people who were members of Curve Lake.
He gave to his community. Donna gave to her community. They have many relatives living on the reserve.

Rick made a mistake. Charged and convicted of possession/purpose of Marijuana and a
device from a Traveling Salesman they have deemed a weapon...a Baton.

Then 5 days later they received a notice from Chief and Council to get out in 12 hours.
They had time only to pack a few things and leave with a Suitcase.

This was a conviction of a crime of non violence nature.
Curve Lake Chief and Council do not evict members of their community who are convicted of crimes of violence such as assault, murder, rape, or drunk driving.
Rick and Donna were evicted because Rick is a non native man.
Where in our Traditional Teachings are we taught to treat non-native people any differently than we do our own people?
Our ultimate Chief and Council is Creator and our Ancestors. Would they have come to the same conclusion or would they have attended court in support, testifying on Rick's behalf and then asking Rick and Donna how they could help? I suspect they would. At least MY Creator and Ancestors would.
Please join this Facebook group to show Rick and Donna that they have our support.
Contact Info Email:

Recent News
Picture of Donna courtesy of Peterborough Examiner.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

loving trees

Here is an old and wonderful Teaching on The Tree Peoples....

Trees strongly root with the Earth, and the more rooted the tree, the higher
it can extend to Heaven. Trees stand very still, absorbing the Earth's
Energy and the Universal Force from the Heavens. Trees and all plants have
the ability to absorb the light frequencies and transform them into food; in
fact, they depend on light for most of their nourishment. Trees are the
largest and most spiritually advanced plants on earth. They are constantly
in meditation, and subtle energy is their natural language.

As your understanding of this language grows, you can begin to develop a
relationship with them. They can help you open your energy channels and
cultivate calm, presence, and vitality. There are certain methods to
approaching, interacting with, retreating from, and absorbing energy of a
tree. By following specific steps you create a ritual of silent communion
that both you and the tree can understand, and so increase the potential for
harmonious interaction.

from sue in ca.....thank u.....:)
photo is behind our home....s.d.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

mother earth is still crying out

'Mini-Tsunami' Wipes Out Mexican Town
Posted: 2007-11-06 15:04:45
Filed Under: Natural Disaster, World News
OSTUACAN, Mexico (Nov. 6) - Survivors saw relatives swept away by huge waves or buried by debris after a landslide hit a rain-swollen river, triggering what officials called a "mini-tsunami" that wiped a hamlet off the map and left at least 16 people missing.

Residents of San Juan Grijalva told The Associated Press on Monday they had been awakened by a rumbling roar and the sound of rocks rolling down from surrounding mountaintops on Sunday night, almost a week after massive flooding sent rivers over their banks in the southern Mexican states of Chiapas and neighboring Tabasco.

Photo Gallery: Another Disaster
Alfredo Estrella, AFP / Getty Images A helicopter pilot surveys the damage to San Juan Grijalva in the Mexican state of Chiapas Monday after a landslide. The area is already reeling from last week's floods.
1 of 7
En EspaƱol: AOL Latino Noticias

"It was a roar, like a helicopter was passing overhead," recounted farmer Domingo Sanchez, 21. "We didn't know what was happening, and then we went outside, and there were cracks opening the earth," he said, apparently recounting the initial collapse of a nearby hillside into the river. "We ran up the hill ... but soil kept coming down on us."

For the next several hours, Sanchez, his mother, his wife and a cousin fought for their lives in a valley where the only salvation lay in getting to higher ground.

Sanchez reached a hilltop just in time to look across the valley and see a landslide cover the home of his grandparents. He believes at least nine of his relatives were buried.

San Juan Grijalva, 45 miles southwest of Villahermosa, is near the border of heavily flooded Tabasco state and linked to the same river systems. The landslide was the latest damage caused by a week of flooding and heavy rains that has left 80 percent of Tabasco under water, destroying or damaging the homes of about half a million people. At least 20,000 people remain trapped on rooftops across the state.

David Sanchez, 22, a cousin of Domingo, described the events he saw from his house in a different part of the village that once was home to about 600 people.

David Sanchez described two distinct waves — the first of which swept his mother about 200 yards downstream before he could rescue her. "It was an irresistible wave," he said, describing the water pushed down from the initial impact of the landslide.

After climbing up a hillside to safety, in a moment of calm he and three friends briefly descended to rescue some possessions when the second wave — apparently the release of water briefly dammed up by the landslide — swept down the valley.

"It swept away everything, trees, houses, everything," David Sanchez said.

Chiapas state Gov. Juan Sabines, who visited the scene, described one of the waves as a "mini-tsunami" and noted "this village practically disappeared."

"A mountain fell into the river, blocking the River Grijalva ... and created a wave ... that has flattened the town," Sabines told Mexican radio.

Helicopters searched the surrounding hills to rescue residents who fled to higher ground.

Chiapas officials and the federal Interior Department said 16 were missing. No bodies were immediately found.

On Monday, in the Tabasco state capital of Villahermosa, officials readied huge pumps to suck water from the inundated streets while rescuers struggled to reach thousands still stranded days after one of the worst floods in Mexico's history.

President Bush shared his sympathy over the floods and suffering Monday with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza said the U.S. had pledged $300,000 in emergency assistance to Tabasco and Chiapas.

"Americans know only too well the horrible impact of such natural disasters on the lives of individuals and communities, and we are anxious to join the international community in providing assistance to our neighbors," Garza said.

After Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. in 2005, Mexico sent a convoy of about 200 unarmed soldiers and medical personnel across the border with portable kitchens and water treatment equipment to aid recovery efforts.

Officials also saw some signs of hope as the Grijalva and Carrizal rivers, which had risen as much as six feet above normal levels, began to subside slightly Monday, as did storm tides in the Gulf of Mexico.

But tens of thousands of hungry and sick storm victims still awaited food and aid.

Associated Press writer Manuel de la Cruz contributed to this report from Candelaria, Mexico.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.
2007-11-05 21:34:27

great spirit prayer

Great Spirit Prayer

"Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice we hear in the wind,
Whose breath gives life to all the world.
Hear us; we need your strength and wisdom.
Let us walk in beauty, and make our eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make our hands respect the things you have made and our ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make us wise so that we may understand the things you have taught us.
Help us to remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards us.
Let us learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
Help us seek pure thoughts and act with the intention of helping others.
Help us find compassion without empathy overwhelming us.
Help us to seek strength, not to be greater than our brother or sister, but to help us fight our greatest enemy ---
Make us always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.
So when life fades, as the fading sunset, our spirits may come to you without shame".

Miigweitch, Miigweitch, Miigweitch
Chi Miigwetich
Mitauyke Oyasin

--author unknown


Mitakuye oyasin!

We are all related!

It isn't too late. We still have time to recreate and change the value system of the present. We must! Survival will depend on it. Our Earth is our original mother. She is in deep labor now. There will be a new birth soon! The old value system will suffer and die. It cannot survive as our mother earth strains under the pressure put on her. She will not let man kill her.

The First Nation's Peoples had a value system. There were only four commandments from the Great Spirits:

1.Respect Mother Earth
2.Respect the Great Spirit
3.Respect our fellow man and woman
4.Respect for individual freedom

We must all stand together as a force of love. Be united NOW. There is only one way. Communication. Knowledge. Arm yourself with truth, love and perseverence. Extend your family. Join with others in giving. We are all related. People of the earth take back your heritage. I am not speaking of skin color or religion. Our heritage is this earth... Our heritage is also extended beyond this earth into the heavens where the spirit once lived before our birth into this world. You are bound to both.


Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect!
Remain close to the Great Spirit
Show great respect for your fellow beings
Work together for the benefit of all mankind!
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
Do what you know to be right
Look after the well-being of mind and body
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good
Be truthful and honest at all times
Take full responsiblity for your actions.....

--author unknown

photo taken on sacred ground by kmc! :)thank u!

tree people

tree people's
winds calling
winter's coming
no time for stalling

pack up your nuts
bury your treasures
hopefully not
spring brings brand new

time for reflection
time for big plans
time to give thanks
to creator's great hands

listen to message
listen to words
tree people know community
they call the great birds

are beautiful friends
so majestic and tall
love to be near you
fear not it's not fall

but winter's upon us
cold winds blow in now
we bundle we shiver
with wisdom do call

thank u for knowledge
thank u for advice
hold messages to heart
don't dare start

look forward to future
and all that it brings
boogie thru life
if ur dead ur not

with wisdom.

*photos by patti~spiritdancer

Monday, November 05, 2007

shaman's dream

shamans dream
colorful waves
blue and green
purples and pinks

healing colours
what do I think?

he walks in beauty
he walks in truth
he walks his talk
and says fine sleuth

and heals with magic
and heals with friends
little bluebird
bear medicine
what have you
he mends

now healed and new
now fresh and all through
with hate, lies and stew
tomatoes will do

for hearing
my prayer

I could not have got here
if you had been there
and now you are here
and now you are real
oh thank you oh thank u
for all those who steal

will have to face the music



art by: NMorrisseau Ontario, Canada

Monday, October 29, 2007

Porcupine Clinic Out of Heat

Porcupine Clinic Out of Heat
By Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer
Member, Native American Journalists Association
October 26, 2007 Firestone, Colorado

Porcupine Clinic, located in the small community of Porcupine, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota [Sioux] Reservation is out of heat. According to Stella White Eyes, Administrative Assistant for the Clinic, the Clinic has closed its doors until it can find resources to fund their heating costs.

Porcupine Clinic is the only independent Indian community-controlled health clinic in the United States. It is not connected with the Federal Indian Health Services (IHS) program and is funded primarily by grants and donations. Unfortunately, those resources have become exceptionally rare this year.

Porcupine Clinic opened its doors in 1992 and serves the entire Reservation as well as the Porcupine District in which it is located. Patients are billed according to their ability to pay and many patients, including low-income Elders and children, receive free health care there.

In 2004, the Porcupine Clinic opened its dialysis unit, saving countless lives of those diabetic patients who could not journey 120 miles away to Rapid City for needed dialysis treatment several times a week. The only other dialysis treatment available on the 11,000 square mile (2.7 million acres) Reservation is located in the small IHS Hospital in the community of Pine Ridge. But that facility hosts only a handful of dialysis beds, is up to 100 miles away from the more remote areas of the Reservation, and is completely unable to treat the vast need of the entire Reservation.

Recent statistics state that the diabetes rate on Pine Ridge is 800% that of the National average and the life expectancy rate is 52 to 58 years old. It is said that 55% of the adults on Pine Ridge over the age of 40 have diabetes.

Ms. White Eyes states that the Clinic has been unable to pay their annual propane tank rental fees of $245 (for both the Clinic and dialysis unit tanks) or for the propane to fill them. They have three tanks: a thousand gallon tank which services the main clinic and two five hundred gallon tanks servicing the dialysis unit. The minimum propane delivery from their provider, Western Cooperative (WESTCO) out of Chadron and Hay Springs, Nebraska, is $360.

If all the tanks were filled, at $1.69 per gallon, it would cost well over $3,000. Further, that will need to happen more than once this winter. While the dialysis unit helps to fund at least part of its own propane use, the Clinic is out of funding now, just as winter is approaching fast.

Harvey Iron Boy, Porcupine District Vice President and Head Man, spoke of the vital role that the Clinic plays in the local district as well as the Reservation as a whole. Not only are the health care services, bi-lingual assistance, diabetic education, and dialysis treatments all meeting critical needs on the Reservation but there are more basic needs met by the Clinic as well. He pointed out that locals often come into the Clinic simply to get warm on days when they have no heat in their own homes.

Ms. White Eyes has contacted various non-profits and assistance organizations but has largely gone unanswered. Link Center Foundation, a small all-volunteer non-profit organization out of Longmont, Colorado, was contacted this week and was also unable to help. With their own heating assistance program for the elders and disabled on the Reservation struggling due to lack of donations, there simply was no funding available to help the Clinic.

However, Audrey Link, Founder/President of the Link Center Foundation (, personally paid the $245 out of her own pocket for the annual tank rental fees for the Porcupine Clinic and dialysis unit on Friday. Largely retired and on limited income herself, Link stated that “She couldn’t go to sleep tonight if she thought the dialysis patients and Clinic were going to lose their propane tanks. At least now, if they can raise any money at all elsewhere, they can use the money for propane to fill them.”

Anyone wishing to donate towards propane fuel for the Porcupine Clinic may do so directly to the propane company. Please contact:
Loretta at Western Cooperative (WESTCO)
170 Bordeaux St – Chadron, NE 69337-2342
Call Toll Free 800-762-9906
Credit Card and Bank Card donations by phone will be accepted. Small donations are also welcome and will accumulate until the minimum delivery has been reached and then the company will make a delivery of propane to the Clinic. Please clearly mark any donation “For Porcupine Clinic.”

Donations may also be sent directly to the Clinic. For more information, please contact:
Porcupine Clinic
Stella White Eyes, Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 99 – Porcupine, SD 57772
Internet Information:
Phone: 605-867-5655
Note: Due to lack of heat, there may or may not be anyone available to answer the phone at the Clinic at this time. Please leave a message.

Stephanie M. Schwartz may be reached at
Visit other writings of Stephanie M. Schwartz at

This article may be reprinted, reproduced, and/or re-distributed unedited with proper attribution and sourcing for non-profit, educational, news, or archival purposes.

This is not spam. You have received this email because of some indication you have given me that you wish to be on my mailing lists. If you no longer wish to be included, simply reply to this email with "Remove" in the subject line. No hard feelings.
-Stephanie M. Schwartz
Freelance Writer
Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA)
Volunteer, Link Center Foundation

eye of god

eye of god
shine down on me
eye of god
need help
hear my plea

for wisdom
and all that

the soul
the spirit
and all
who bear it

in black distain
will they refrain
from their evil
their lies
they complain
and leave me be
to begin again

eye of god
watch over them
eye of god
send healing to them
let them know i'll always
let them know i cry for them

i must let go
it must be so
we must not judge
we must not forget
and let me sleep

but just tell me this
death kiss is on my lips
make them disappear
into a new year
with grace beauty
is near

and beauty


McElway Basketball

get a tissue.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Searching for an Answer

Essiac Tea Herbs Essiac Tea Herbs

Soverign's Health Freedom Network

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms
What is anxiety attack symptoms? Anxiety attacks, also called panic attacks, are unexpected episodes of intense terror or fear. Anxiety attacks often come without any warning, and although the fear is generally irrational, the feelig of danger is very real. A person experiencing an anxiety attack will often feel as if they are about to die or pass out.
There are many people in the world who suffer from some form of anxiety and for these people these anxiety attacks may be mild or they could be very severe. While there are many ways of treating anxiety attacks, it’s first important to identify what are your Anxiety Attack Symptoms.

The physical symptoms of anxiety attacks that manifest themselves in the form of headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, tingling, pale complexion, numbness, difficulty in breathing, and sensations of tightness in the chest, neck, shoulders and or hands. All these anxiety attack symptoms are the body’s fight-or-flight reaction which involves the hormones, muscles and the heart.

The behavioral anxiety attack symptoms include pacing, trembling, general restlessness, hyperventilation, pressured speech, wringing of the hands, and even finger tapping. Then the cognitive anxiety attack symptoms include recurrent or obsessive thoughts, feelings of doom, and morbid thoughts of death, confusion or the inability to concentrate.

The emotional anxiety attack symptoms can include feelings of tension or nervousness, feeling agitated, overwrought, and feelings of unreality, panic, or even terror. Then there are also the anxiety attack symptoms where the person’s brain puts up a defense mechanism against the anxiety attacks.

These psychological defenses include repressing anxious thoughts or ideas out of the conscious awareness. Other anxiety attack symptoms is where the sufferer will transfer the source of their anxiety to an object or an event. Phobias are an example of this anxiety attack transference. Then there are the times that a person who suffers from anxiety attacks will rationalize their anxious feelings by claiming that ordinary people would feel the same way were they placed in the exact situation.

The other method that the brain will use as a defense against anxiety attacks manifests itself in the form of physical complaints and illnesses. In this case the anxiety attack symptoms involve recurrent headaches, an upset stomach, and muscle and joint pains.

Delusions are one other way of the brain trying to defend the sufferer from the anxiety attacks. For these anxiety attack symptoms the person can formulate conspiracy theories or other similar scenarios. This gives the person an emotional outlet for their feelings of anxiety.

It doesn’t really matter what form these anxiety attack symptoms show themselves in. What’s really important is once you identify that these are signs of anxiety attacks that you seek and receive help and treatment for this condition. By catching these anxiety attack symptoms early you have a chance to stop it progressing to a more severe condition like agoraphobia where you may become housebound due to your excessive anxiety attacks. So don’t delay if you feel that you suffer from Anxiety Attack Symptoms , go and see a qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible and get the proper help.

Causes of Anxiety Attacks
What are the causes of anxiety attacks, and risk factors for anxiety attacks and disorders? There are a number of complex factors that contribute to the development of anxiety disorders. Your environment, personality, family dynamics, brain chemistry, and genetics all can play a role. In addition, major life stressors such as financial difficulties, marital problems, or bereavement often trigger the onset of an anxiety disorder. It is important to realize that no single factor causes an anxiety disorder. The various anxiety risk factors are interrelated and can interact with and impact one another.

Read more about anxiety attack symptoms at:

anxiety attack - jeffrey lewis

whewwwwwwww----my sentiments exactly....
take a deep breath, and breathe..

Friday, October 19, 2007

shawn trying out new healing blanket

shawn says: it feels like he is "floating through a dream" when he is under it and makes him feel "oh so good and relaxed". for more info these wonderful blankets contact sue at

love u sister
patti and shawn

Curve Lake Reserve near Peterboro Ontario CA

thank u for being my friend and my sister the visit was way way too short but oh so fun..i love u.

stella bella i wuv u

I met this incredible little girl last weekend in Buckhorn, she is such a princess! she is nine month old pug named Stella which means "stellar" or the stars!!!! I wanted to take her home sooooo bad!!! but kim wouldn't let me! boo hoo! Cant wait to see u all again.

bear dog at semi holly pow wow and view inside looking out our trader booth

such a cutie, only 8 week old austrailian shepherd, shawn and i fell in luv with her!

Bear medicine from No. 72 and cubs ~ lake morraine yoho national park b.c.

an encounter with grizzly no. 72 and two cubs from afar, sending their bear medicine to me. i had no fear as i sat quietly majestically and proud above the ice patch 10,000 feet in the air, mama and babies were at the bottom of the ice patch......miigweitch for your wisdom and presence and for being a part of healing journey..


more bear medicine :) and crystal healing at Whetung's

I loved the energy there and especially the beautiful magnificent amethyst geode cathedral!!!
miigwetich michael for your hospitality once again!

more...bear medicine healing journey

more time spent with
sweet sisters, guides & brothers
a big chi miigwetich
for all prayers from others

sweet singing bowls and
stone people are healing
sweet songs of bluebird
could be heard singing

a healing prayer to me
sung through the wind
into the windows
big blanket upon me
felt safe soft and warm

black robed men on horses
with dark motives did come
to take me away
but buffalo healers on horses
brought medicine
and asked not to stay
those whose motives are not pure
those whose motives are not right
and rescued my spirit
into the light
once again

and big bear came behind me
and put back what those bad men
stole away from my spirit
one once again cleared the air

more bear medicine
into winter

spirit to be awakened
and healed
by spring
and will take care
of the journey
the journey is pure
the journey is light
once more can endure

miigwetich to my sisters and brother and guides
always watching over
i am so very grateful!
my love

for more info on the wonderful healing work and special healing blankets go to:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

eyes have been opened-buffalo medicine

eyes have been opened
trust is restored
all of us focus
on just reward

feelings are simple
feelings are bright
our time to come forward
into the light
into the light

meanings come later
always explained
might not be at the moment
but always are laid
into our destiny
into our lives
while in this realm
please give us no strife

peace and serenity
is all i want here
finding my path (once again)
is all i want dear

light is our savior
it heals as it braves
it brings us together
it heals as it saves

our sanity
photos: #1 bison at bear butte visitor center, sturgis, s. dakota*
#2 bison free roaming at bear butte national park, sturgis, s. dakota*
#3 photo of Mandan Buffalo Dancer cir. 1890

*photos by patti spiritdancer

Paul's New "Ever Present Past"

">" border="0" alt="" />

Asked if he regretted meeting and marrying Mills, 39, McCartney told the magazine: "Going through a divorce is a very painful thing. As Winston Churchill once said, 'If you're going through hell, keep going!'

"The only solution is to remain dignified. If I don't keep a silence about it, I lose this idea of being dignified. But I've a wonderful baby," he added, referring to the couple's child.

"She's a great joy to me, as are my elder children, so I'm a lucky man."

McCartney and Mills married in 2002 and announced their separation four years later. Their acrimonious divorce is expected to return to the courts in February after attempts last week to reach a private settlement failed.

British media have speculated that the pop legend, whose personal fortune is estimated at 825 million pounds, will have to pay between 20 million and 70 million pounds to Mills.

According to McCartney, music has also eased the pain of divorce.

"Music is a great healer," he said. "Music is the therapy for me. In fact, going through difficulties has only concentrated my desire to make good music."

and so it goes....


Friday, October 12, 2007

over you ~ daughtry

"Over You"

Now that it's all said and done,
I can't believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath.
I fell too far, was in way too deep.
Guess I let you get the best of me.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.

You took a hammer to these walls,
Dragged the memories down the hall,
Packed your bags and walked away.
There was nothing I could say.
And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.

Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
Well I'm putting my heart back together,
'Cause I got over you.
Well I got over you.
I got over you.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

suffering in silence (in rajistan)

suffering in silence
no one listens
in time
is of the essence
women children need us
pretend that you care

trust is an issue
so called friends
need a tissue
ends up right there
where u began
which is no where

false loyalty will prevail
it will be revealed
false smiles hide behind
big teeth big words
I've seen your vile puke

crying forewarned
betrayal lies deep
ego trips u keep
get a grip
go sleep

is peace
is panic
is fleecy
white pillows
that hold on
i know my ties
lie deep
to karma

karma runs deep
karma loves lies
u cheat and u do
u can cum up
my thighs

and suck up my blood
and suck out my heart
and how u dare 2
how are you invade
my bright best blue
but u can't break me
my being
my heart
well let's see

starting over
for now
help is near
however those who
betray u
will get their
new gear

that will stick
and hurt low
it will stick
and sting high

however you see it
it will fly in
the sky

to the creator
with eagles


Friday, September 14, 2007

now in the arms of the angels

now in the arms of the angels
give my trust to you
no one ever more
there are really so very few
of them

that can give love
as white as a dove
hidden agendas
and big fat spendas
and spinnin
the money keeps rockin
into their pockets
just like a rocket
roll it
roll it
roll it some more
tell me some lore

give it some time

goin up in the air
cant wait til i get there
with him
and in the arms of the angels
the only place
so safe
so true
for me


Thursday, September 13, 2007

and no one cared

and no one cared
is she even there?
walk your walk
talk your peace
in your dreams

anger seething
red with blood
keep taking and taking
pushing and pushing
more and more
more each day

to the brink
of her
her hands are tied
behind her back
preventing her
to keep on track
going, going gone
and no one cared
and no one cared
and no one cared

can she do it
will she do it
should she do it
and no one cared
and no one cared

if she did it
would they care
would they care

heartless bastards
taunt and tease
now what else
is up their sleeves
dare ya
dare ya
cannot breathe

find her drowning
in her pool

blood in her hair
all clean
her eyes pristine

her heart now clear
her mind no fear
her body now healed
her soul now sealed
with a kiss
but spirit still
who can fix
to all who know
lets do some trix
her well
too well

over there
over there
over there
and no one cared


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Shift Movie -Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for the 2008 Movie
The message is: One Day We Will Wake Up and Discover That We Are Family

It's a 6 minute commitment and here it is:

Mitauyke Oyasin ~ we ARE all related. Share this with those you love....



we all fear
our future needs
we all fear
our words our deeds

what has become
of internal strife
it cuts it hurts
just like a knife

we know we do
each day our will
i can say this sure
cause i know it kills

our spirit
our soul
our connection
with all

that matters


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Healing is an amazing journey
Cure is a desired destination
Remissions are the craved vacations
Symptoms are the warning signs
Pain is an incredible teacher
Suffering is an option indeed
Hope is a needed companion
Faith is a great friend in need
Apathy is a doorway to depression
Anxiety is a forerunner to stress
Emptiness is a whisper for wholeness
Resistance is a call for acceptance
Frustration is a mask for anger
Denial is avoidance of honesty
Silence is indigestion of feelings
Numbness is intolerence for thoughts
Disease is a pure self-punishment
Self-pity is a hidden lack of self-love
Distress is a result of high expectations
Confusion is a sign of endless judgments
Courage is a risk worth taking
Intuition is a gift worth following
Forgiveness is the means to inner bliss
Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom
Openness is changing a victim mindset
Flexibility is trying over and over again
Strength is overcoming the fears and doubts
Growth is learning from the pains with joy
Health is a relative term and goal
Healing is a never-ending process
Wellness is the reward of the journey
Wellbeing is the experience of peace
Patience is a reliable test
Will is a powerful measure
Trust is never the question
Love is the ultimate answer

Monday, September 10, 2007

shawn in the new hood ~ with a tude ~ August 2007

check the ray of light on the upper right! shawnie, you ARE an ANGEL!!! I luv u honey! mom

thank u for the wonderful pics j and m

bubbiez friendz in the new hood

he's a happy boy and been givin lovin to all he meets!

note: bubba has come once again to live with shawn and i; luckily the new place we are living in allows one dog. he has healed well from his wounds and is happy once again to be a part of our family. we luv you so much bubbiez!!!