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My sentiments exactly-women beware--been there done that!


MNN. Oct. 6, 2008. We’ve come to realize that this whole “love” scamming
business on the internet is being studied and schemed by agents of the elite
thugs. One category is the “player” and the “target”. “Players” are predators
of other human beings. They operate from their own unwritten "con manual" on
how to carefully "profile" their targets, move in and get what they want.
Intelligence agencies have scientifically studied this and converted it into
internet relationships which lead to a map of how to subvert individuals and

The players have determined that there are basic personality types and traits of
the targets, along with age, physical appearance, ethnicity, culture, income,
etc. From this a player develops models of their targets, how they can play
them and how they are likely to behave. A player learns how to spot these
people when he enters a room like a bar or an internet “chat room”. We are not
denying that genuine relationships have developed on the net.

Players with an agenda now do a lot of their hunting on the “net” where they
hide and reveal only what they want. Through high tech social networks in
emails and correspondence they can make up any scenario the target is looking
for. When they can’t get near the intended target, they go for someone close or
on the periphery.

Women in Western society are basically not liberated. They are mentally
oppressed and lack self-esteem. This conditions them to feed into the lucrative
cosmetic, fashion, self-help and image improvement industries. Women are
conditioned to be compliant in male-female relationships which makes them
vulnerable. This is just what the players want.

Some players are looking for money and maybe a specific type of relationship.
For example, women over 30 could be getting desperate to marry and are more
likely to have some money saved up. They are often generous, want to please and
crave attention. Socially excluded women are especially targeted when money is
the main goal. Their self-esteem is often low. They are vulnerable to flattery
and attention.

If the player is presentable and overstates their credentials [and can’t prove
them] and goes after a lonely, marginalized, unworldly, naïve woman, he may be
“playing” the target. They know how to play out the dream using the target’s
energy that they’ve carefully studied. After a short high powered internet
romance, they meet. Friends and family usually can see through the player and
try to warn the affected person, to no avail. The vulnerable party has been
charmed, put into an enchanted state and can’t see the duplicity or danger. We
hear stories about how creeps entice under-aged kids on the net. We need to
protect them.

The predator drives into town in a nice expensive vehicle, not a big old rusted
“pow wow” car with a supped-up sound system. The target sees nothing but
wonderful qualities built up in their besotted imagination. For the players
it's an energy field to be manipulated. They play into their victims' fantasies
and act out what the target is seeking.

Sometimes love is mutual and real in these ‘’ romances. For some
being “in love” is like a state of intoxication. Having sex can cause a
euphoric and non-analytical state of mind. It opens a person up to being
manipulated by a predator.
Intelligence agents have different priorities but use the same strategies. They
can work the target up to a point of defrauding them of their assets, gathering
information or controlling or compromising their lives for monetary, political
or military purposes.

Since the days of “Cointelpro” [U.S. Counter Intelligence Program], intelligence
agents have been trained to infiltrate groups, movements and communities. They
play roles developed by psychologists with considerable insight into human
behavior. They recruit agents in the target communities to work with them.

When an intelligence agent/player/predator is trying to infiltrate a movement,
they will set their sights on the leaders, the outspoken ones and the passionate
youth. If they cannot directly access their target, they go after their
associates, even the family. Agents have been known to go all the way with
their targets, even marrying and having children with them on long term

Players and agents have personality profiles too. Primarily everybody says he
is a "nice guy" and too good to be true! The clean cut one with a pleasant
smile and a charming manner with the ladies is the better type. The surly
scruffy types do not make good players except in other circumstances. Some
women like their men wild and wooly! Their handlers realize that they have to
take their agents, put them in dirty blue jeans and drag them up and down the
road for a bit for some assignments.
Intelligence agencies hire people to do this kind of work regardless of criminal
record and background. They go after a personality type and then train them.
After a while the player goes into the "poor me" syndrome as though everyone
treated them badly, especially an ex-spouse. There are usually gaps in their
personal history, things they don’t want to talk about or periods of time they
can't or won’t explain. Some players can lead 2 or more lives in different
places. Here are some traits of the “player”:
1. They are charismatic, or at least charming;
2. They often have insider connections. They arrive informed as a result of
their training and studying the profile of the target or community.
3. They situate themselves deep into the community. They show no fear of the
law and its consequences because they are protected. They set up innocent
people in compromising positions and entrap them into situations they can’t back
out of.
4. They come into the community in many different ways like working in
Indigenous businesses. These mysteriously begin to fall apart. Then the player
is gone. In the end we are discredited.
5. They support any position in the community so long as they can get on the
inside to exploit, escalate or heighten the outsiders’ agenda. They subtly bait
the person or group into confusion and chaos. It can be either short or long
term. Then they disappear.

Intelligence agencies use these strategies to sidetrack us and any legitimate
social movements into dead ends, disinformation and wasted time. They gain the
confidence of their target. They try to exploit human weaknesses like greed,
dishonesty, and vanity, but also virtues like honesty, compassion or a naïve
expectation of good faith. Some drift into a community purporting to be
“Indian” or even former members of the American Indian Movement.

Our so-called vulnerability goes back to how we treat animals that are part of
our natural world since time immemorial. We Indigenous never domesticated them.
There was a natural cycle of dependency on each other. We did not kill the
young. This symbiotic relationship changed when the invaders came and started
killing us and penning us up. The animals became afraid of human beings which
they had never been before.

Victimization is possible because of the imbalance that has been created between
us and our environment which is supposed to be dependent on physical attraction
as part of our natural world. This is being displaced. Colonists have
developed controls over their domestic animals which they use as weapons to sic
on their victims.

To protect oneself is to know oneself. Players and agents have studied our
vulnerabilities and will move in on the weak flank. So keep it covered.
Stand as an equal in a relationship. Go to people in your life that you trust
and respect. It could be your brother, your mom or your close friends. If they
don't like your new found love that just came to town, they may see something
you don't see. After all, love is blind. If the new “luv” is for real, they
will respect your wishes. Watch out if they try to influence you against your
family and friends. When the player isolates the victim, that’s when they go in
for the kill. Here’s where you do what you did before luv came to town! Is it
possible to turn off the computer and find a face-to-face genuine relationship

Iakoha'ko:wa & MNN Staff, Mohawk Nation News;;
Note: The Canada has denied everything set out in our Statement of Claim filed
in the Federal Court of Canada T-1309-08 for the “Assault, Arrest & Illegal
Detention” of Kahentinetha and Katenies on June 14, 2008 by their Cornwall
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