Monday, September 29, 2008

my beautiful son

my beautiful son
you are my everything
my highs my lows
my long nights in tow

you are my solace
innocent yet wise
how can i ever
know your beautiful eyes

and how it really feels
inside and out
sometimes you shout
and I will pout
along with you

I love you my son
until my days are done
no one compares
and if they dare
i'll shoot them down
they'll get out of town

i'll pull them aside
tell them to take it all in stride
i'll tell them what a beautiful soul you are
and through all this mess

you're still there
that's why I live
not for money for fame for power
but for my little child
sweet and innocent but oh so wise

I love you Shawn


1 comment:

Mary said...

I like your blog a lot. But why is that you haven't written anything since 2010? Hope to hear from you. I also have a corgi. Do you have an email ad? :)

Wishin you and your son more happiness.

Take care.